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    It’s 6:30am, 12/25/18. Christmas Morning. My wife celebrates Hanukkah and I – in German tradition – only celebrate Christmas Eve, so this is a surp...
  • GETTING SH*T DONE (or not)

    We all love to dream about the amazing things we'll accomplish in our writing career. The great American novel we will write. The Oscar winning screenplay. The Emmy-hogging Game of Thrones that'll outrun NCIS in it's 40th season... But the sad truth is that without doing the actual work, these dreams will always remain... DREAMS. Or maybe more accurately: Lucid, fever-visions of a tormented and tragically naive writer. The truth of the matter is that without butt-in-chair time, words on the page and finished, quality work, nothing even remotely resembling progress will take place in our career. Nothing. Zero. Zilch. 

  • 10 steps to put your Blank Page Panic in check

    We all know it, we’ve all been there, we’ve all overcome it, and yet it scares the living shit out of us every time we pick up a new project. Whether it’s the panic that makes this hurdle so hard to overcome, or the hurdle that makes the panic, it’s all chickens and eggs unless you manage to get yourself back on track.