About The Journal

 {You aspire to writing the next great American novel, Oscar winning biopic, Emmy hogging TV Opus, but 2000 words into it you realize that without Simon & Schuster, and Steven Spielberg on your short dial your chances of success are, in fact, slim and that you should quit while you're ahead.} 

{You're rushing into a coffee shop, hoping to get some writing done before your day-job and family get the best of you, but just as you've wrapped your head around what actually needs to be done, it is time to wrap up.}

{You've clawed your way into the business, are paid to write, but as the stakes and pressures of the job rise, so does your stress level and instead of feeling inspired, you feel stuck, unfocused and incapable.}

In the past 15 years I've lived through all of the above and started a never ending study of the biggest writing hurdles holding me (and others) back. Based on what I learned, I developed a journaling method and productivity tools that kept me focused and creating, no matter the odds. Once I shared it with friends and saw them making great strides, the idea of making The Writer's Wright Journal available for all writers was born.

A notebook, daily journal, career planner and productivity coach specifically designed for the turbulent uphill battle writers call their passion and careers. Because writing itself is too damn hard to let stress and self-doubt get in the way.